Important War Date ALS of Union General George H. Gordon Regarding THE SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE FIGHT FOR CHARLESTON'S FORT SUMTER AND THE USE OF COLORED TROOPS!  - Folly Island, S.C. May 26th, 1864

Our letter is written in nice dark ink on two separate pages which makes this letter an excellent display piece.  THE USE OF COLORED TROOPS WAS A HOT TOPIC OF DEBATE, AND GORDON IN THIS LETTER MAKES HIS VIEWS KNOWN. 

Gordon is writing Senator Henry Wilson and asks if he can get some action in Washington D.C.   Gordon states that the military cost in his department alone is more than half a million dollars a day. 

Since May 1864 we have simply gained Morris Island, a sandy tract, four miles long, a few hundred yards wide.” 

He then goes on to analyze General Quincy Gilmore:

Gilmore’s operations have not rendered the taking of the city of Charleston, possibly Charleston can be taken by Grant better than by Gilmore.

Sumter is stronger than ever.  Our shells do no material injury to Charleston.  We have only gained the pieces to help the navy maintain the blockade.

For this, Gilmore’s work has cost the Govt. more than one hundred and twenty millions of dollars.”

Commenting on the Union Navy he states:

Let the Navy hold Hilton Head and waters around Beaufort. 

The iron clads can winter and summer inside the bar off Charleston; this ensures exemption from blockade running.”

Finally address the use of colored troops:

Let colored troops garrison such points as it is desirable to hold.  Leave a small garrison in Morris Island, and then send from here more than twenty thousand good white troops (veterans) to Grant or Meade.”

The letter is in fine condition with excellent content.

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