“Camp 99th O.V.I. near Atlanta, Ga. July 15th, 1864” – “Sherman is still drawing them on down the railroad until he has got them almost all together out of Atlanta”
Private Isaac N. Kiser, an 18 year old, enlisted in July of 1862 as a Private. Writing home to his sister Isaac tells her that the way the Rebels have fought is about to change:

“It is supposed that we will soon get a fair fight out of them soon and if we do, we will have just the thing we want. We have always fought them in breastworks on this campaign, and now they have got to fight without breastworks or make them as we do. They have always had their breastworks already made to fall back and now we have flanked them out of their range and captured all of their Negroes and tools and their only hope is to fight as they run, because if they can’t stand us a fight in breastworks, how are they going to stand us a fight on an open field or anywhere else? We are preparing a move now that will compel them to come altogether out of their works and almost sure to make them fall back.”

The letter comes with a fine cover.

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