Great Document for the 95th Pennsylvania, Gosline Zouaves Collector – Actually Signed by Gosline!

This 4 ½ x 8 inch document has at the top, “Headquarters, ‘Pennsylvania Zouave’ Reg’t, Philadelphia, Sept. 9th, 1861” and goes on to certify that Thomas D. Ayers is a member of Capt. Edward Carrolls Company, attached to this regiment.  It is signed by both Colonel J. M. Gosline and by Edward Carroll, Captain commanding company G.  CARROLL WOULD GO ON TO BE WOUNDED AND A POW AT GAINES’ MILL IN JUNE OF ’62, BECOME LT. OF THE REGIMENT IN ’63 AND THEN KILLED ON 5/5/1864 AT WILDERNESS, VIRGINIA. 

Now, concerning John M. Gosline: He became Colonel of the 95th Pennsylvania Infantry when our document was printed, as he signs as “Colonel Commanding Penna. Zouaves”.  GOSLINE, LIKE CARROLL WAS WOUNDED AT GAINES’ MILL, VIRGINIA ON JUNE 27TH, 1862, BUT HE DID NOT SURVIVE.  HE DIED ON JUNE 29TH. 

So what we have is a very “colorful” and historic document: Both Officers who signed this document were killed in the war!  This is the only example we have seen like this… a great item to display with a picture of Don Troiani’s painting of that regiment. 

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