Letter from the 8th Texas Cavalry, Better Known as THE TEXAS RANGERS! – Camp near Atlanta, July 28th, 1864
This 1 page letter written in nice dark ink is from Emmett Lynch, Company E of the 8th Texas Cavalry. Emmett was writing his father Francis J. Lynch who was on the CS General & Staff Roles.

Emmett starts the letter by stating, “I avail myself of an opportunity of writing you a short letter as there is one of Gen. Jacksons command going to cross the river and is kind enough to take a letter for me by paying one dollar per letter.”

 He goes on to state: 

• “Atlanta is now besieged by the enemy and are hammering away with their heavy artillery at the city. Their line is some mile or more from the city.”

• “Our Army though deprived of its noble leader Gen. J. E. Johnson in their present Gen. J. B. Hood whose heroic and skillful Generalship that has been displayed upon so many battlefields prove him to be a Gen. of the first order. And it is believed that it will not be long before he will drive them back in confusion and disorder.”

• “We have already gained one victory over the enemy on the 22, in capturing seven stand of colors and 22 pieces of Artillery and a large amount of small arms.”

• “We have a large amount of Militia at this place, and our coming in daily.”

• “I’ve not heard much news from our Army across the Mississippi River in a long time.”

A rare Confederate Texas letter in fine condition.

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