Fort Delaware P.O.W. Cover - Addressed to Capt. William C. Coker - 8th S.C. Regt. - A P.O.W. 3 Times & Wounded Twice Including Gettysburg!

Here is a nice clean example of a cover going to a Confederate Officer imprisoned at Fort Delaware.  The address in ink is nice and dark and in pencil there is an “Ex” (examined) off to the right.  At the top of the envelope is written “$30 – U. S. T. Notes” since the envelope apparently originally contained treasury notes it was sent “Care of Post Commander”.  On the reverse of the cover is written, “If Capt. Coker has been sent away, please forward to him or return to the writer.”  The cover is a brown Confederate paper and has a U. S. 3 cent Washington stamp.  This cover was probably sent in another outer envelope to get through Confederate lines.  The condition is excellent. 

With this cover is the original nicely printed “presentation” write-up that the original collector made up.  From time to time we see pieces from this collection… THAT WE PURCHASED 30+ YEARS AGO WHILE ATTENDING AN AUCTION IN CONNECTICUT!  This particular cover was recently purchased by in Fredericksburg.  What a surprised when we were looking through the accompanying papers and saw that we had once owned it! 

What a record Captain William Coker had:

#PC211 - Price $245