5th Vermont Vol. - Camp Holbrook, St. Albans - Letter from Lt. E. A. Hamilton

Here is a nice 3 page letter in ink from the 5th Vermont Volunteer Infantry dated September 15th, 1861.  The 5th Vermont was part of the famous Vermont brigade and our writer Lieut. Eugene A. Hamilton, a resident of Salisbury, Vermont, is writing from their camp of muster St. Albans. 

For the Vermont collector this letter is special as it paints a nice picture of camp life at the start of the Civil War.  Writing to his wife, Hamilton says:

Here we are at last in camp on this rainy Sabbath morning.  We arrived here
yesterday afternoon about 2 o’clock.  We are camped in a meadow about 1 ½ miles
north of St. Albans village.  We have some very good tents for it rained very hard all night,
and we did not get wet – but a very little.  I certainly slept better than I have for a week.

10 o’clock am – I have just been out to a big rock about 15 rods from our tent to hear
a sermon by a Universalist minister that belongs to a company from Bradford.  He
talked to the men very well.  We have got over 1,000 men here now.

There is one thing Martha that I must tell you that you will not want to hear and that
is that I shall not probably come home before we leave.  I think we should go this week to
Washington.  I am very sorry that I have not got my other shirts and drawers as I shall
want them before I can get them.  I do not want you to send them until you hear from me
again, there is some other things that I want that I will mention when I find out
where I shall be (the above was written this forenoon).

4 o’clock pm – Since writing the above we have had different orders and shall not
probably leave till the last of the week and if you can get these things of mine done so as
to send them Wednesday by express, you may forward them.  Send my boot brush,
put in a hank of linen thread, put in 2 or 3 of my best collars.  I cannot stop to
write more now as the mail is closing.  Write to me here, direct to:


Lieut. E. A. Hamilton

Camp Holbrook

St. Albans, Vt.

                            Yours in haste, Eugene”


Eugene’s photo appears on the Civil War Database.  He eventually became a Captain in January of 1863.  The 5th was in all the major battles of the Army of the Potomac. 

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