55th Illinois KIA Shiloh - His Last Letter Home

We are offering a letter written from Lieutenant Theodore W. Hodges, Co. C, of the 55th Illinois Volunteers Infantry.  In the letter Hodges is describing the capture of Columbus, Kentucky and the advance to and occupation of Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee by General W. T. Sherman’s Division.   TEN DAYS AFTER WRITING THIS LETTER, LT. HODGES WAS KILLED IN ACTION AT THE BATTLE OF SHILOH!

  •  “General Sherman was in command of the forces and was on our boat.”
  • “The General ordered me with 30 men to go with him to Reconnoiter.  We got close enough to see the fort plainly.”
  • “We climbed the hill into the fort… and planted the stars and stripes.”
  • “We received orders… to go up the Tennessee River… with 92 Steamers.”
  • “...Did not see a Butternut, as the boys call the Secesh, as they all wear butternut colored clothes.  The boys all soon began to feel well and sang ‘I wish I was in Dixie.’”
  • “Our advance guard was fired into by Rebel Cavalry.”
  • “The Peach trees have been in bloom ever since we first landed here (Famous for Shiloh).”
  • “I should like very much to see all of you and am in hopes to in a short time, for I think this war will end soon, and if spared, I will pay you a visit.”
  • “Tell Mother I will learn the Lord’s Prayer as soon as I have time.”

Hodges was killed in action April 6th at the Battle of Shiloh. 

Letter is in nice dark ink and condition is fine with folds.

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