52nd Pennsylvania Infantry – Lt. John W. Gilchrist Writes His Former Colonel Henry M. Hoyt about the Attack on Fort Sumter. It was the 52nd PA. that was the 1st Regiment into Fort Sumter
This letter headed “Morris Island, S.C. January 30th, 1865” has some great content. At first Gilchrist talks about some unrest going on in the 52nd. He mentions Major Hennessy (who was in the first boat to reach Fort Sumter and display the flag of the 52nd on its parapet). He then goes on with other great content.

• “Fish, Gustin, Secor, Hane, Waters, Mahoney and Pierson are all mustered out under the late order from the war dept. Farr, Moses, and Hennessy are talking about it. Ross goes next month. Pierson & Farr got into a circus. Pierson calls Farr a coward & a liar: - goes under arrest, "slap." — Hennessy prefers charges against Pierson to take advantage of Order from W. D. and so it goes: it is either "cut bait, fish or travel." "Shitinfingers" has got "evacuation on the brain." He thinks the Johny's are "skedaddling." Plenty of work for boat, Inf., and mud hens.”

• “The Genl. sent me down Light House Creek the other night nearly to Secessionville to examine some piles that are across the channel. I was in about three hundred yards of Battery Haskill Cheever and the Citizens battery he wants to run up through Light House inlet and get into Charleston before the Navy or Sherman.”

• “One of the Reb picket boats came in night before last with eight men in. They report Sumter mined and ready to be blown up and that the dock at Charleston is full of torpedoes ready to put into the water the minute the fleet start to go in.”

• “They also say that there was talk of evacuating the place and then it was rumored that Hills & Longstreets Corps had come in and gone on to the front (these Deserters belong to the navy). They gave Hennessy information how he could capture the two gun battery known as Ft. Ripley and I believe just as soon as the tide will admit. We are going to try it.”

• “Great inquiries are made about the old flag they want to put it on Sumter or the highest dome in Charleston when it is evacuated. Bill Miner even published those resolutions gotten up for you before you left. We never heard whether he did or not.”
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