43rd New York Infantry – “Flint Hill (1 ½ mile from Fairfax Court House) March 12th, 1862" – Nice Content about Major in 5th Wisconsin Capturing a 7 Star Confederate Flag!
This 4 page letter in pencil was written by William F. Lindsay, Company K, 43rd New York Infantry. Flint Hill is now called Oakton, Va. This letter written in the field has some great content.

• “Monday the 10th our Grand Army of the Potomac made an advance. Our Brigade is now situated on Flint Hill, a beautiful place only one-half mile from Fairfax Court House. The Rebel Cavalry were here the day before we came in large squads. We expect to continue on our forward march until we come to the regular battlefield. Then secesh, beware, the 43rd is nigh. Gen. Porter's Division lies at our left and Gen. McCall's at our right. We are now 22 miles from Washington.”

• “The Rail Road between Alexandria & Leesburg is now being fast repaired. The cars run from Alexandria up to Vienna which is 4 miles from our camp. So you see we can get things brought by steam within a short distance of our Head Quarters. Yesterday the Major of the 5th Wisconsin Volunteers went a short distance below the Court House and brought back a Rebel flag containing 7 stars, two red bars and a white one. It was a pretty nice flag, but it looked as if it had seen some tough times.”

• “Fairfax is quite a pleasant village. General McClellan on last Monday night was at Fairfax Court House. He stopped at the residence of a notorious Rebel named DeSon.”

• “Gen. McDowell has gone through Masassas without seeing a Rebel. The place was evacuated & bridges & locomotives blown up, besides all the grub they couldn't carry.”

• “Gen. Banks is at work on the upper part of the Potomac near Winchester where it is expected the Rebel troops have gone from Centerville and there will be a battlefield and we stand ready to reinforce him or the one who gets whipped first.”

• “Well, now Lant, it would do you a great deal of good to see 50,000 Union troops all in little marching tents where there is but three of us in each.” • “But the boys were all in fine high spirits, singing Dixie on the way. At Vienna we halted & loaded our guns where we saw the new locomotives puffing up & down where the Rebels had once burned them….. Old Bill Lindsay ….Co. K, 43 N. Y. Inf.”

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