38th Mass. in Baltimore (Stewarts Mansion Hospital) - On Guard Duty "if anyone offers us any insult to run the bayonet through them"

Charles A. Nichols, a 24-year-old Machinist from Marshfield, Massachusetts, Company K of the 38th Mass. has just arrived in Baltimore and is on guard duty at the famous Stewart’s Mansion Hospital.  This letter details the horrors of war and shows the volatile situation in Baltimore.  The patriotic stationary that Nichols writes on is very appropriate to the content of this letter… as it shows a Union soldier holding the U.S. colors and standing on the Confederate flag.  In the hospital Nichols states:

One poor fellow… had both of his legs shot off in battle and he

 says that if anybody would give him some wooden legs,

 he would like to go into another battle.”

Another great line is this:

Our orders when we go on guard are, if anyone offers us any insult to run the
bayonet through them or else shoot them dead on the spot, and I should do it if
I had a chance, for you know that we are among rebels and we do
not know who are friends to us and who are not

The whole letter is nicely written and in fine condition with only minor staining.  After serving in the defenses of Baltimore, the 38th Mass. went south and Nichols was mustered out at the end of June in 1865 at Savannah, Georgia. 

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