37th North Carolina Infantry - Felix J. Williams, (K.I.A. Chancellorsville) Writes Home Using the Most Colorful & Unique Stationary!
If you are a collector of Confederate letters, this is one that you can pattern your whole display around… it is a real attention getter!  IT IS WRITTEN ON THE BACK OF A TOBACCO WRAPPER! 

HALF     (patriotic motif)    POUNDS

From Johnson’s Printing Establishment, 61 Market Street, Lynchburg, Va.”

This 6 ½ x 13 ½ inch letter comes with the original envelope that has a full regimental I.D.:

From F. J. Williams
Private in Co. K
37 Regt. N.C. Troops

It is addressed to “Mr. H. A. Williams, Scottville P.O., Alleghany Co. N.C.”

The letter has been framed professionally so that the tobacco wrapper and cover show on the front.  It has double sided museum quality Plexiglas so that the letter can be read on the reverse.  The letter is written in ink. 

Camp Greg, Jan. 27, 1863

Dear Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters,

       I seat myself to drop you a few lines, let you know that I am well as to
health, truly hoping these few lines will find you well and doing so.   

       I have no news of importance to write to you only George and Bill Blevins
came in to camp yesterday and brought a great many things to company K, but
he did not bring anything to me.  I aim to send this letter by him and 10 dollars
 in money.  If no bad luck you must write to me all of you as often as you welcome.

       I can inform you that we was ordered last night at the hour of midnight to
 cook rations and be ready any moment to march. 

       Some thinks that we are going to N.C. and some think the Yankees is trying
 to cross the river.  I have no idea myself which.  So I must close for this time by
asking you to write.  F. J. Williams

Felix was only 18 when he enlisted.  He was killed less than 4 months after writing this letter at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia.  Obviously this letter is unique… we have never seen anything come close to the “eye-catching” impact this one has!  We purchased it from one of the most prominent Confederate collections in America.

Included with this item is the 1973 original catalog in which this piece is pictured!

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