34th MA. Color Guard at New Market

Sergt. Albert Newell Hubbard, a 28-year-old farmer from Windsor, Mass., enlisted in July 1862 into Co. B of the 34th Mass. Infantry.  HE WAS IN THE SHOT-UP COLOR GUARD AT NEW MARKET!  For the next 3 years, he would see many battles eventually being wounded in October of 1864 at Cedar Creek, Virginia.  Hubbard’s letters came onto the market a number of years ago and this one was a real “keeper” because in it he gives his first hand experience at the battle of New Market.  It was at New Market that the famous V. M. I. Cadets charged the Union lines.  What we are offering is an 11-page “diary” style letter that Hubbard mailed home.  Apparently, Hubbard would send home a portion periodically.  This portion covers from April 27 to June 7, 1864.  On the back of the last page Hubbard signs his name, “A. N. Hubbard”.  The diary is written in pencil- a bit faint in places, but all readable and many pages are stained (as if they went through the Civil War!).  The overall “character” of this piece is great and a wonderful item for the Massachusetts collector.  WHILE MOST OF THE DIARY DOESN’T SAY A WHOLE LOT, THE PORTION ON NEW MARKET IS GREAT AND THIS ITEM CAN BE DISPLAYED WITH THAT PORTION SHOWING!       

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Martinsburg, VA., Apr. 27

We started about 8 o’clock and

marched to Bunker Hill and camped. 

Bunker Hill April the 30th

It is fine this morning we have been

mustered in for pay for March and April. 

It rained this afternoon some. 

Bunker Hill May the 1st

We started about 10 o’clock and got to

Winchester about 1 hour before sundown. 

Winchester May the 2nd

Weather warm and fine. Had a division

drill this afternoon began to rain and

rained all night.


Winchester May 3rd

It is cold as blazes

Winchester May 4th
Is a little warmer have turned in our

knapsacks but they have not left camp. 

Had a battalion drill

Winchester May 5th

It is quite warm had a skirmish drill

and a dress parade.

Winchester May 6th

We had a brigade drill.  Our knapsacks

started for Martinsburg.

Winchester May 7th

 Is warm, apple trees are all in blossom.


Winchester May the 8th

It is very warm.  Had a company


Winchester May 9th

We started at 6 this morning and got

to Cedar Creek at 2 in the afternoon,

some 16 miles. 

Cedar Creek May 10th

We had a battalion drill

Cedar Creek May 11th

We started at 6 and marched in the rear

as rear guard.  Has rained all the way

more or less. 

Some 3 miles from Woodstock May the 12th

It rains all the time.  Most of the boys are

at Forageing today. 


3 miles from Woodstock May the 13th
It rains some today but not much – is
May the 14th, 3 miles from Woodstock
It rained some.  We started at 11 and went
through Woodstock, New Town and
Mount Jackson and got to New Market. 
When the Rebs began to shell us but it was
almost dark and so we did not have to go
into the engagement but the artillery did
and silenced them.  Then we went into
camp or rather lay down in the rain.  Was
called up twice in the night.  In the
morning we drawled rations and got ready.



 May 15 New Market

It rains quite hard but the Rebs are here in

great force and we have got to fight.  They

came up in line about 3 o’clock and the

fight commenced and the boys fell fast.  We

were ordered to charge on them and charge

we did.  There was all of our color guard hit

but me and I expected it.  Then we had to

retreat and burnt the bridge across the

Shenandoah and marched all night and all

day when we went out there from Woodstock

we marched 27 miles in 7 miles and rested

only twice, once 5 minutes and once 10.  

So you see we were spent.



May 16

We marched all day but was so near played

out  that we did not go very fast but got most

to Cedar Run about a mile and camped for

the night. 

May 17th

We have got back to our old campground.

May 18th

We started up the valley again this morning

with our brigade and went some 5 miles and

camped.  Saw some Rebs.

May 19

Have got back to Strasburg and camped.  I

don’t know how long we shall stay here. 



Strasburg, Virginia May 20th

The day has been warm and fine.  We have

picket duty to do every other day but I don’t

have to go but lay in camp. 

Strasburg May 21st

It continues warm and fine. The boys have

got back or rather have joined us that were

left at Martinsburg and they say that Johnny

Miner was left on the field but we expected

killed or a prisoner – we don’t know.  I got

a letter from Nila dated the 14th of May

Strasburg the 22nd

It is warm and fine with a good breeze.  We

had a dress brigade and one Sergeant was

reduced to the ranks for sulking and

swearing and disobedience of orders.



Strasburg May the 23rd

The weather is warm and fine, the

Company is out on Pickett.  Siegel has

been relieved to go to the Army of the

Potomac and Hunter has taken command


Strasburg, Virginia May 24th

The weather is fine here and inspection

and a thundershower.

Strasburg May 25th

Weather fine, our company is on guard. 

Had a thundershower and having a dress

parade. Rained in the evening hard.

Strasburg May 26th

This morning we started and marched

to Woodstock.  One of Company H

Corporals was shot this morning accidently. 

Woodstock May 27th

Rained this morning, but has cleared off.

The brigade commish. had a drill.  I had

a good one.



Woodstock May the 28th

The weather is fine and pleasant.  The non-

commish. had a drill and we had a dress


Woodstock May 29th

We started at half past 5 on the march

south. Came through Woodstock,

Edinburg, Mount Jackson and almost to

New Market and camped about 1 ½ miles

from where we had the fight. 

Camp near New Market May 30th

The morning is fine and we had fresh

pork and fruit. They went over and buried

our boys and found some of our boys that

were wounded and left by the Rebs. 

Johnny Miner was among them and

found some in a barn wounded and left them.



Near New Market May 31st

It is very hot and we have all got to go foraging.

The whole regiment got a lot of stuff –

horses, cows, sheep, flour, corn, ham and etc.

June 1st near New Market

It is hot and dry.  The company are out on

drill.  We have got orders to march at 5 in

the morning. 

Near New Market June 2

Went through New Market saw some of our

wounded boys.  Got to Harrisonburg and

camped.  Found quite a lot of our boys were

wounded and taken prisoners but they were


Harrisonburg June 3

We lay in camp all day.  It was hot. 

Harrisonburg June 4th

Started at 5 and got to Port Republic has

rained some.

Port Republic the 5th of June

It is a cloudy day, we started and soon found

the enemy in force.  Fought all day and drove

them like sheep all this at our near Piedmont. 

Our company lost and wounded heavily. 

2 killed, 1 bled to death. 



Piedmont the 6th of June

Started for Staunton and got there without

seeing the enemy.  We got some 800 prisoners

besides the wounded that fell into our hands.

Had a good thundershower.

Staunton June 7th

Went out about 5 miles and came back.


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