STOLEN 8/13/17 - Confederate Postal History - Centreville, Va. Due 5 Manuscript with Beautiful I.D.: Capt. R. B. Isabell, 30th Va. Cavalry - He Carried Stonewall Jackson's Battle Flag

Here are several quotes from Letters from Lee’s Army: 

Page 104-105: “Jackson, with one or two of his staff, came dashing across the road from our right in great haste and excitement.  As he got amongst the disordered troops he drew his sword, then reached over and took his battle flag from my man, Bob Isbell, who was carrying it, and dropping his reins, waved it over his head and at the same time cried out in a loud voice, “Rally, men! Remember Winder!  Where’s my Stonewall Brigade? Forward, men, Forward!”

Page 117: “While moving on the crest of the hill a solid shot from the enemy’s battery passed through the horse of my sergeant Bob Isbell, who was carrying General Jackson’s battle flag, the same he had waved at Slaughter’s Mountain.  The horse fell over perfectly dead; it was between me and the General, its rump on mine and the ball did not miss the nose of my horse six inches.  Isbell was unhurt, jumped up, cut his saddle loose from the dead horse, put it in an ambulance wagon, seized the musket of a man in a passing regiment who had been killed by the same shot and assumed his place in ranks, handing me the battle flag to carry.”

A cover sent by a brave Confederate under Stonewall Jackson. 

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