Early War Confederate Letter from Captain John A. Mackey, Company B, 2nd Tennessee Infantry – August 30th, 1861 – Speaking of His Dead Tennessee Comrades: “I hope that they all will be prepared to meet their God & dwell together in Heaven forever, where Abe Lincoln, War & Yankees are not known.”
This 4 page letter written in ink with a P.S. in pencil was written from “Camp Galloway, near Evansport, Virginia”. The writer, John A. Mackey, enlisted as a Captain on May 1st, 1861. His photo can be found on the Civil War Database. Mackey is writing home to his sister, “As I am on duty tonight & have to sit up alone & while everything is still as death, I have concluded to write you a few lines…”   He goes on:

• “Everything quiet except the moving of Regiments. The North Carolina troops were passing our camp all last night. But I do not know where they are going.”

• “It is said that they are going to throw up a Battery so as to blockade the Potomac River. Which if they do, they will have to work under heavy fire of the Lincoln War Boats. Poor fellows, when they were passing our camp through the rain & mud with nothing to eat, I could not help pitying them.”

• “…there is a great many sick now & they are dying all the time. Nearly every day someone is buried out in these lonely & desolated woods so far from home.”

• “But if they were at home, their parents & friends would know where they were buried. But out here you can see that there is a grave & someone of the Tennessee troops lays there. But who it is & where his parents are is left for God to know & say.”

• “But when the great day of Resurrection shall come, they will arise from their lonely grave & meet their kind parents & friends & show them the place where they have been laying in silence so long. Then I hope that they all will be prepared to meet their God & dwell together in Heaven forever, where Abe Lincoln, War & Yankees are not known. (Not wishing Lincoln & the Yankees to be lost.)”

• “I wrote to Ma to send me some money. I would not have done it, but one night when I was tired & sleepy & laid down in my text & fell asleep, in the morning when I woke up I found that someone had cut my pocket & took all of my money.”

• “Tell Little Annie howdy & kiss her for me. Tell her I can scarcely keep from crying when I think about her & how she used to quarrel with me at the table. How bad I do want to see her & all at home. But if I live, it will be a long time before I have that pleasure. I hope when I get back home that there will be no need of me coming to fight old Lincoln & the Rascals that are following him.”

• “I was surprised to hear of Bake joining a Company. All I am afraid of is that he will be put on Guard, & he will go to sleep on his post, if he is not careful & then he will be shot.”

Condition is fine. Confederate letters from Tennessee soldiers are quite scarce.

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