Soldier’s Letter 2nd Ohio Infantry Huntsville, AL. April 18th, 1863 – Great Description of the Plight of the Slave in Alabama – “The slaves down here are very poorly clothed” – Compares the Alabama Slaves to those in Kentucky!
This 2 page letter is written by John L. Hebron, a 19-year old Private in Company G of the 2nd Ohio Infantry. It is written in nice dark ink on legal size stationery has some great content comparing the slaves in Huntsville to those in Kentucky: “It appears like we are getting in the South in earnest now. In Kentucky the Negro was well clothed and well fed and treated some like but as you get farther south the slave is treated more like a slave. The slaves down here are very poorly clothed. Their clothes are made out of flax and look something like coffee sack, shirt and all, and they are patch upon patch. It is an awful treat for them to get a pair your old pants. In Kentucky the slaves all got good clothes made of Kentucky jeans, and they had a Sunday suit most of them, and they had the same to eat as their Masters. Down here they get their rations of cornmeal or corn. They say they don’t get half enough to eat, but the farmers in Kentucky ain’t near so rich as the planters in Alabama. The farther South, the worse they get.”

Other good content: “… Our company… found an old chap that had been in the Southern Army and said he would be there yet if he could stand soldiering. He was down at Corinth at the time of the fight. There he said he would not sell the North a pound of cotton for 50 dollars, but he would give the South all h125e had for nothing. We went over and took 36 hams for him.”

Also comes with original envelope addressed to his mother in Steubenville, Ohio with a Nashville postmark.

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