2nd Mass. Inf. - Adjt. John A. Fox Writes a Description of the Regimental Colors & Color Staffs - Includes Antietam & Gettysburg Presentations!

This is an amazingly historic document which should be the centerpiece of a Massachusetts collector’s display! The Adjutant of the 2nd Massachusetts has written out a description of each of the flags used by the 2nd Mass., who presented them and their battle honor.  The document is written in ink on legal size paper and dated March 22nd, 1864.  It was written at Tullahoma, Tennessee when the 2nd Mass. had a lull in their hard-fought schedule. 

The 2nd Mass. was recruited in April 1861 and participated in battles at Winchester, Cedar Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg.  Shortly after this document was written, they fought at Resaca, Georgia and Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia and the Atlanta Campaign. 

Several of the flags that Fox describes are on display in the statehouse in Boston.  It would be wonderful to obtain pictures of these flags to display with this document.  The first page describes the Regimental Colors.  There are four listed with brief histories of each.  The second page lists “Flag Staffs etc.”  The document is signed by John A. Fox, Adjt., 2nd Mass. Infantry. 

So, Massachusetts history lover, find photos of these flags and you will have an amazing display with this piece!

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