“I will send you a piece of the Rebel Flag which floated from the cupola of the City Hall when we entered Atlanta. It had thirteen stars and red and white bars.” – Union Soldier’s Letter Headed “Camp 2nd Mass. Vol. Inft., City Hall, Atlanta, Ga. Sept. 13th, 1864”!!!
Atlanta has fallen! Sergt. William Foster Morgan a 33-year old resident of Lynn Massachusetts, enlisted in Company C of the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry in July of 1862. He served the rest of the war with that regiment being wounded on July 3rd, 1863 at the battle of Gettysburg.

The letter is 3 ½ pages in ink. Condition is good with one area on both pages where there are holes… but not so as to hinder what is written. The letter is filled with great, great content, but the amazing thing is on the last page under his name, Foster has glued a piece of Rebel flag. (In our opinion, absolutely the correct fabric.)

The letter is signed by Morgan using his middle name “Foster”. We have had several of Morgan’s letters and included is a copy of the closing of one of them where he writes out his full name… so that we have absolute proof of our writer.

Here are some of the great lines:

• “…Our Corps fell back to the river while Sherman with the rest of the Army left their works, the Johnnies and the walled city of Atlanta in peace and quietness and departed (the Johnnies didn’t know where!)… Hood waked one fine morning and found that Sherman had again stuck him ‘end’ ways, and up and after them was the order of the day, leaving only a small force in the doomed city to protect it and its inhabitants from the “Yankee Vandals”. Hood met Sherman 25 miles from this place on the Macon road and pitched in charging our lines with his accustomed vigor and boldness, three times in succession and repulsed each time, when the 14th Corps concluded they would try their hand at the game and went it with a yell, overturning everything in their front splitting Hood’s Army into two parts, capturing 19 pieces of artillery and over 2,000 prisoners, completely routing the Johnnies and scattering them in every hand.”
• “…at 2pm the City surrendered to the 3rd Division which got out 2 hours ahead of ours. About the same time our Brigade or 3 regiments left the river and after a 4 mile march passed over our old breastworks and the knoll we wrestled from the Johnnies when Goodwin was killed, and soon entered the City, the Band playing, the boys singing, and the inhabitants keeping extremely quiet, expecting the Yanks would commence our work, rape, murder, arson, robbery, and all other of the long catalogue of crimes which they are told we are in the habit of committing…”

 • “…somewhat astonished that we behave better, look neater, and mind our own business better than the Johnnies, and “ain’t got horns”. Our regiment is camped in the City Hall Park.”

• “…the famed Georgia Militia which is complete played out…. Now and before Spring we’ll have Savannah, Charleston, and in fact, the whole damned Confederacy, gobbled up…”

• “The knocks we have been giving them, and they howl for mercy like whipped curs, from the mud to their last ditch which one more step will bring them to…”

• “I will send you a piece of the Rebel Flag which floated from the cupola of the City Hall when we entered Atlanta. It had thirteen starts and red and white bars… will send you a Reb letter from a girl in Raymond, Mississippi…”

A great letter and a great relic!

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