24th Mass. Infantry Band – An Amazing Pen & Ink “Order of Performances, by the 24th Club, Tuesday Evening, Feb. 9th, 1864” – Some of the Finest, Intricate Hand-Drawn Civil War Images We Have Ever Seen
Here is a wonderful piece for display. Being hand done, it must have taken many days… even weeks to complete. The program lists 8 members of the 24th Mass. Infantry performing several “Farces” and various numbers by the band. What makes this program so incredible is the artwork surrounding the order of events. “Intricate” is the only word to describe it… and there are 6 watercolor vignettes to boot! There are two separate sheets (originally together as a “program”) for display. We will provide a color photocopy of what is on the back of the first sheet so that the display is complete. Most of the band members were young, George William LeFavor was an 18-year old “Brass Finisher”, Andrew J. Vining was a 17-year old “Farmer”, George N. Seaman was a 16-year old “Student”, and Samuel O. Covell was a 14-year old “Storekeeper”!

Wonderful folk art with great history!

#D340 - Price $550