Sergt. Major J. W. Norris of the 1st S.C. State Troops Infantry Writes from his Station in Charleston, South Carolina in October 1863 – “They have not thrown any more shells into the city since Monday as they burst their gun.” – THIS WAS THE FAMOUS “SWAMP ANGEL”!
Offered is a nice little 4-page letter measuring 4 x 6 inches written in nice dark ink on brown Confederate “necessary” paper. The writer J. W. Norris enlisted in August of 1863 into the 1st South Carolina State Troops Infantry… raised to protect South Carolina from the invading Yankees. Despite all the bombardment into the city of Charleston, the city did not fall until February 1865. Norris is writing his parents from Charleston, S.C. on October 30th, 1863.

Here are a few of the interesting lines:

• “We are still in Charleston, but with some prospect of being ordered to Greenville or Asheville, N.C. I believe I would prefer remaining here”

• “The Yankees are firing very rapidly & steadily for the past few days. Nearly every fire causes the sash in our windows to rattle.”

• “They have not thrown any more shells into the city since Mnday as they burst their gun.”

• “We cook the peas & rice together & the boys are very fond of them & all want seed of the peas. The Government issued to us red peas which have so hard a skin on them, we can hardly eat them at all.”

A nice Confederate letter from the besieged city of Charleston, especially nice that Norris mentions the bursting of the famous Swamp Angel, a Parrot Rifle that fired a 200 pound shell!

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