CDV Photograph of Sgt. Major William Ford McKewn 1st Palmetto Sharp Shooters – Pictured in Cadets in Gray – Fired on the Ship Star of the West – Later Killed at Fredericksburg
This CDV was originally sold out of an album back in July 1996… almost 23 years ago! The CDV shows McKewn standing with his arms folded and his kepi seated on a pedestal beside him. On the reverse is the stamp of “Quinby Photo., Charleston So. Ca.”

In the book, Cadets in Gray, McKewn is pictured along with three other cadets with the caption, “Four comrades who fired on the Star of the West”. They graduated in the class of 1862. McKewn was killed at Fredericksburg and two of the other cadets were also killed with only one of them surviving.

McKewn is also pictured in Portraits of Conflict: A Photographic History of South Carolina in The Civil War. According to that book, “McKewn worked for a few months after his April 1862 graduation as a teacher at a military academy in Alabama and then enlisted as a sergeant in the Palmetto Sharpshooters. He was wounded at Second Bull Run and, after South Mountain and Antietam, was promoted to sergeant major. He was mortally wounded at Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862.”

Everything goes in cycles in the collecting field, and photography at the present is down… but headed back up. A $1,350 image for a great price.

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