Gettysburg Battle Letter from the Famed Confederate 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion – Culp’s Hill, 47% Casualties
This 2-page letter in nice dark ink is written by Gilbert G. Guillette, 2nd Lt. Co. G 1st Md. Battalion. Today this unit is referred to as the 2nd Maryland Infantry. The 1st Maryland Battalion was in Johnson’s Division, Ewell’s Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

The action described in this letter took place on Culp’s Hill in July of 1863. This Maryland unit incurred 47.3% casualties during that engagement. LT. GUILLETTE NOTES: “… WE DROVE THEM FROM THEIR BREASTWORKS EVERYDAY… OUR BATTALION WAS IN THE HOTTEST OF THE FIGHT.”

The letter is headed, “Head Quarters Army Northern Va., Camp near Dartsville (Darkeville, W. Va.) July 19th, 1863.” Interestingly, the stationery in the upper left hand corner has an embossed image of Virginia’s “Virtus Treading on Tyranny” with “C.S.” below the figure.

There is a nice write up of Guillette, captured twice, etc. in the book, First and Second Maryland Infantry, C.S.A. by Robert J. Driver Jr. – we will show it below, right after you read the full transcription.

Over the years we have sold a number of Gettysburg battle letters… ranging from $2,500 to $9,500. This is the first letter we have offered from this great Maryland unit. In the past, most of our letters have been Virginia units. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

#G181 - Price $2,950