1st Mass. Cavalry – Calvin Rice, Company G Writes from Edisto Island on May 10th, 1862 – A very interesting letter mentioning treatment of Blacks – Be sure to read!
This 4-page letter in ink comes with its original stamped cover. Calvin is writing his brother Oscar back in Brighton, Mass. Here are a couple of the quotes from this letter:

• “Having received my box which is over a month old but never the less received with out-stretched hands. Everything was in pretty good order except the cheese and doughnuts. Those was moldy and I could not eat them so I gave them to the darkey. They would devour them like rats.”

• “Those knifes and forks were bully. There was half the Co. wanted to buy them. Knives & forks are a scarce article out here. The cake was just touched with the heat but went down good. The ham is in the cook house hanging up which I shall cook tomorrow. That camphor was just in time.”

• “They open all the boxes before they get here to see that there is no rum in them.”

• “John Warren is in front of my tent and I can't help laughing at him. He got thrown off his horse yesterday, jumping a ditch and his head went clear in the mud out of sight, banging up his eye. But he did not get but a little. He looked like a downcast grave digger.”

A fine 1st Mass. Cavalry letter from a trooper who served throughout the war.

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