STOLEN 8/13/17 - 2nd Corps Badge/I.D. Pin of Herbert T. Scribner, 19th Maine Infantry – A Hard Fought Gettysburg Unit
Herbert Scribner a resident of Searsport, Maine was only 18-years old when he enlisted on August 25th, 1862. The first time he saw the elephant was at Antietam less than a month later. His real challenge came on July 2nd, 1863 when the 19th Maine was devastated at the battle of Gettysburg. From the Civil War database we know that Scribner transferred into the Veteran Reserve Corps on July 27th, 1863… perhaps he had his fill of battles!

Our Corps badge measures 7/8 of an inch tip to tip, it’s beautifully engraved and still retains the T-bar pin on the reverse. The pin like many other Corps badges we have seen was made by a jeweler using a 25 cent piece. The badge is in very fine condition and probably should be displayed with both a picture of the front and the reverse to show its interesting character.

                                                                                 The badge reads:
Herbert T. Scribner
19th Maine Vols.
2d Div. 2d Corps

#A395 - Price $2,195