1837 Charleston Slave Tag – Occupation: Porter – In Rare “Extremely Fine” Condition
This is an excellent example of an excavated Charleston Slave Tag… in fact, it’s so nice that if you said it was found in an old Charleston house and non-dug you would believe it. Our tag has a beautiful chocolate brown patina and a wonderful strong stamping. It is number 155.

Charleston, South Carolina was the only city in the South to issue these tags or badges which had to be worn by any slave that was “hired out”. Each year a slave owner that hired out a slave had to pay a tax and the slave had to wear a “tag” proving the tax had been paid. The greater the skill and training required, the greater the tax. Thus tags were issued according to “occupation” with occupations like “Mechanic” or “Carpenter” requiring the most tax.

This 1837 tag has good lettering with “Charleston” at the top followed by the No. 155 and then the occupation, “Porter”. Below that is the year 1837. The tag measures 2 ¼ inches point to point.

THERE ARE NO REPAIRS, AND THIS IS A “STRONG” SOLID TAG IN EXCELLENT CONDITION! With it comes a letter of authenticity with a guarantee for life. In the North South Traders Civil War Collector’s Price Guide, a Porter tag in this condition lists for $3,000+.

#B157– Price $2,395