1700's to 1945 Items

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - Future Confederate Naval Officer John McIntosh Kell Writes from the U.S. Frigate Savannah off Mazatlan, Mexico April 21st, 1846 – GREAT POSTALLY USED FOLDED LETTER WHICH SAILED ON THE U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (OLD IRONSIDES) BACK TO BOSTON BEFORE GOING TO HIS WIFE IN DARIEN, GA., HAS SHIP 12 & BOSTON CANCELLATION

Two WWI Posters Published by the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio, Feb. 1918

Two Old California Checks with Great Vignettes - Price for the Pair $35

Check from Blackfoot, Idaho with Great Mining & Cowboy Vignettes

A Scarce "Memorandum of Silver Bullion Deposited at the Mint of the United States at Carson, Nevada" - Dated August 1887

A Group of 8 Pre-Civil War Little Religious Books from a New England Estate - Two by the American Tract Society, All with Cute Content & Illustrations

"War with Mexico" 1846 Cincinnati, Oh., Ohio Vol. Militia Honorable Discharge... Form Used as an envelope!                   

1859 Oberlin Church - The Town
 that Started the Civil War! - Letter by H. J. Fuller, Talks of John Browns Raid & College Buildings being Built

14th Conn. Maj. Cyrus C. Clark - Misuse of Public Funds - Document Signed by Secretary of War (Under President Hayes) George W. McCrary 

War of 1812 - Ship Embargo in Charleston, S.C. May 20th, 1812

A Pirates Recipe: Thieves Vinegar 

 The Son of Gen. George Meade Writes from West Point, May 5th, 1861 - He Would Soon Join the 6th Pa. Lancers & Eventually Go on His Fathers Staff

Rare WWII "McCoy Internment Camp, Camp McCoy, Wisconsin" Cover - Held Japanese Immigrants

Charlestown, S.C. March 29th, 1771 - Famous Charlestonian Nathaniel Russell Ships Mahogany Logs Back to Rhode Is.!

In 1850 Union Engineer Alexander H. Bowman is asked to speak at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, to be held in Charleston in 1851 - Bowman was the Engineer who constructed Fort Sumter - In 1861 he supported the North... as Superintendent of West Point!

WWII - Jack Benny & USO Tour Signed Bank Note... Or "Short Snorter"