15th Ohio Infantry – “Camped on Peach Tree River, Ga. July 20th, 1864 – Great Content
This 3 page letter in ink comes with its original envelope. It was written by Vincent F. Treago, a resident of Plymouth in Richland County, Ohio. Treago enlisted as a Corporal and by the end of the war had made 2nd Lieut. Here are some of the great lines:

• “We are on the front line today and there is some Rebel lead passing over our heads. We have lost two men this morning killed. They belonged to Co. H. They are on the skirmish line. We lost two yesterday, wounded from Co. E. Our line in our front was advanced three miles yesterday. Sharp skirmishing all day in front of our Brigade.”

• “We are now four miles from Atlanta. Have been getting nearer almost every day for some time. How long it will be before we are possessing of the city, I cannot tell and will not attempt it, though I think we have got the numbers in the way of Genera Sherman and have the mess too that will see him through all his undertakings. We have A. Hooker, A. McPherson & O. O. Howard. That is goof for their part of the play & also one Thomas that is not less conspicuous for his courage & determination.”

• “The cannons are roaring on our right. I guess the Yanks have got uneasy, are getting up a fight with the Johnnies. The yellow cupees does not appear very anxious for fighting. We have to provoke them some and then they are all might for a fight.”

• “The Democrat soldiers do not think they can see into the idea of democracy. Nominating Fremont. I believe they would sooner go for Abe. But soldiers do not address the matter much. We have enough to do without arguing anything very forcibly.”

• “What we are looking for here the most is to hear of U S Grant taking Petersburg. And then Richmond. Then will we raise one loud Hurrah! That will make these Georgia woods ring! The Rebs thought they had a heavy game on hand when they sent that force into Maryland & Pennsylvania, but that is not enough to scare Grant, to make him send any of his force from his front so as to weaken his line. But Sheridan will warm some of them before they get safely away with all their plunder.”

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