CDV of 15th Mass. Major Isaac Harris Hooper - Wounded twice, captured twice & escaped once!
Hooper started out the war as a Private in the 13th New York. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieut. in Co. K of the 15th Mass. on Oct. 8th, 1861. Just 13 days later he was captured at Ball’s Bluff along with the devastating loss of the 15th. He was confined in Liggon Tobacco Factory in Richmond.

Following his release he was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg in December of 1862. He was again captured following the battle of Gettysburg at White Plains, Virginia and sent to Macon, Georgia. From Macon, he was sent to Libby Prison where he escaped on Feb. 9th, 1864. Unfortunately he was recaptured over a month later.

Hooper was wounded for the last time at the battle of Petersburg on June 22nd, 1864. Our CDV is in excellent condition and is by “J.W. Black of Boston”. Its corners are sharp and this is a finer view than shown on the Civil War Database.

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