Extremely Rare “Antietam” Style I.D. Disc from the Famous 14th Brooklyn State Militia – G. R. W. Hart – “Missing in Action at Gettysburg”
Of all the many styles of I.D. discs shown in the Identification Discs of Union Soldiers in the Civil War book, this variety pictured on page 31 is one of the most desirable… and certainly the largest. This I.D. measures 1 ½ inches and on the obverse has a profile of McClellan and the words “Antietam, Sept. 17th, 1862”. It is listed as “Very Rare” in the book.

On the reverse in a nice dark stamping:
CO. H. 
14 RGT. 
N. Y. S. M. 
G. W. HART. 

George W. Hart was 19 years old and enlisted on August 23rd, 1862 in Brooklyn, New York. The 14th Brooklyn was hard hit at 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, but their greatest loss was at the battle of Gettysburg where they had some 150 casualties. Included is a photocopy from National Archives showing that Hart was one of the many “Missing in action at the battle of Gettysburg”.

Hart would continue fighting with the 14th through the Wilderness Campaign, Laurel Hill, and Spotsylvania Court House. On May 21st, 1864, the 14th was mustered out in New York City and Hart was transferred to the 5th New York Veteran Infantry. During the final Campaign of the war, Hart was captured at White Oak Road, Virginia on March 31st, 1865 and paroled April 15th.

A rare I.D. disc not only for the 14th Brooklyn collector, but for the collector of rare I.D. “types”. Normal wear, uncleaned with a great “look”.

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