13th PA. Cav. (Irish Dragoons) - Fighting Rebs in the Shenandoah Valley!

This letter was written by William A. Moudy who was a member of Company F of the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry known as the Irish Dragoons.  He served a full three years with the 13th Pa. Cav.   The letter is in nice dark ink, four pages on 8 x 10 paper and is in fine condition with a few ink smears and folds from mailing. 

·         “…we got orders to be ready at 2 in the morning… we came to a very nice white house, which was used as a Rebel Hospital (there being a corpse in the house at the time)… offering resistance to our advance guards who immediately opened fire upon the Rebs and shot 2 of them so badly that they died… we searched the house and found it to be a real Rebel nest.”


·         “We then took up our line of march… shot 2 more Bushwhackers… went on to the next place, which was Woodstock.  Here and there was one company of Rebs, but we came on them so sudden that they had no time to escape.  They all scattered… (there was about 30 of them.  We went into them charging and yelling like set of independent devils… we were determined… we killed some 8 or 10 and captured 30 with their horses and all their arms.”


·         “We rode 66 miles, whipped the Rebels, and captured a large amount of arms and clothing… Our Colonel gave us great praise for the gallant charge we made and making the Rebs run so fast…”

If you like Pennsylvania Cavalry letters, this one is a gem!  Good battle action and some great lines!

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