12th Vermont Infantry Letter – Great Description of Mosby’s Train Raid at Catlett’s Station
This 4 page letter in pencil is headed, “Union Mills, Virginia, June 1st, 1863”. Mosby’s raid had just taken place on May 30th and our writer 2nd Lieut. Moses W. Leach of Company K, 12th Vermont Infantry was close by. After describing the raid he mentions several of his friends in the 1st Vermont Cavalry that chased Mosby: “John Hazelton led the charge of the Vermont boys and it was a bold one.” The Orderly Cory (Job Cory of Company H) was shot. He had 8 ball holes through him. The letter is in fine condition and all easily read.

Here is that great description of the raid:

• “We have had to move around considerable. We have had a little raid near our old station. Our company was detailed to go as guard the next morning.” • “Mosby came in through the woods and got a long piece of telegraph wire and hitched at each end of a rail and had the spikes drawn out, and when the train came in sight, they pulled the rails out that let the engine off from the track.”

• “The place they chose to operate was in a slight cut which prevented a very heavy shock to the train. There was about one hundred Cavalry besides two pieces of artillery with men to man the guns.”

• “They commenced firing on the train as soon as it came in range.”

• “There was a train of 10 cars loaded principally with forage for the Stoneman’s Cavalry. There was some sutlers’ stores on the train, and the mail for Stoneman’s Cavalry among the ruins.”

• “There was a large quantity of mail types. The engine was christened with the name of Fred Leach. She had just come out of the repair shop. It had been running down on the Aquia Creek Road.”

• “There was a guard from the 15th on the train. They cut & run for the woods and did not try and make a stand. They are hooted by all.” • “Ira Monroe was in the chase after Mosby and had a horse shot from under him. John Hazelton led the charge of the Vermont boys and it was a bold one. The orderly Cory was shot. He had 8 ball holes through him.”

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