11th New Hampshire - 2 Descriptive Letters from Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md. - Was POW in Andersonville!

Offered are two letters from William W. Fish, a 19-year-old from Manchester, New Hampshire.  He was wounded at Fredericksburg and captured in the Wilderness in May of 1864.  Going to Andersonville, he was released in December 1864 and spent the rest of the war in Camp Parole in Annapolis, Maryland.  The first letter dated February 15th, 1865 is to his sister.  It is 3 pages in ink.  The second letter to his mother is 2 pages in ink.  We are selling them together because Fish signs his full name in the first letter and just signs the second letter “William”.  

The whole story about Camp Parole… how it got started and how it was used is fascinating!  We will describe it at the end of this write up.  These letters are very interesting because they describe camp life, living conditions, etc. in this enormous camp at Annapolis… actually, there aren’t many letters we have seen that do a better job!  Most are short and not very descriptive. 

The condition of these 2 letters is nothing to write home about.  There are several small holes, breaks and stains but with a little archival tape look fine.  At what we are asking for the pair, they are a real bargain!

#L342NH - Price $145

1st Letter to Sister:

2nd Letter to Mother:

Transcription of 1st Letter to Sister:

Transcription of 2nd Letter to Mother:

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