Used Confederate Patriotic Letter Sheet Showing a “T” for Tennessee Becoming the 11th Confederate State – Letter Written By 14th Mississippi Infantry Soldier Thomas Dees, Union City, Tennessee
If you wanted an example of a colorful, rare Confederate letter sheet, here is a great one! Thomas Dees enlisted on May 1st, 1861 into Company F of the 14th Mississippi Infantry. Early in the war, both North and South used patriotic stationery and envelopes to foster emotions for their cause. Of course patriotic stationery was much scarcer in the South. Our example is shown used on an envelope in Kaufmann’s Confederate Handbook of Postal History… value $3,500. Value is given just for covers, but a letter sheet is just as rare.

Thomas begins the letter by stating, “We are at Union City, Obion County, Tennessee”.  He then goes on…

“…We are got the ex-governor of Illinois here. We taken him off the cars night before last. We are in 30 miles of Cairo and in four miles of Kentucky. She holds her election Monday next. We get apples, peaches, and cabbage and onions to eat. We have more than we can eat. We swap it of one thing or another, so we get along fine… 

…They are six thousand here now. We have cannons here, so if the Yankees were to come down on the cars, we could soon stop them…” 

A wonderful patriotic for display.

#CG458 - Price $695