Great Letter & Souvenirs from the Fall of Richmond in April 1865 – Frederick C. Hale Company F of the 118th New York Infantry Writes Home on Captured Stationery & Sends 3 Relics!
This letter in nice dark easily read ink, is on “State of Virginia, Executive Department, Richmond” imprinted stationery… in other words, the stationery that President Jefferson Davis would have used! The letter is dated April 16th, 1865 and Frederick C. Hale is writing his mother back in Elizabethtown, N.Y. Very interesting content… but before that, the 3 relics that Frederick encloses are Confederate bonds: A $500 Authorized by the Act of Congress August 19th, 1861 with vignette of Howell Cobb, a $500, Act of February 20th, 1863 with vignette of Christopher Memminger, Secretary of the Treasury, and finally, a pink paper $1,000 Act of February 20th, 1863 with vignette of Stonewall Jackson. All 3 bonds were neatly folded and enclosed with the letter. The envelope is no longer present. All 3 bonds have the appropriate remaining interest stubs and are in very fine condition.

Here is some of the great content of the letter:
• “Official Letterhead: State of Virginia Executive Department Richmond, Virginia 16th, April 1865”

• “We have moved our office from the Seminary to the Old U. S. Customs House in the lower part of the City, though we still occupy our sleeping and mess rooms in the Institute Building.”

• “Our new office is a much nicer one than the old one, but the location of the building is not so pleasant as it is in the midst of the section destroyed by fire. Our office is in the second story and commands a beautiful view of the "ruins."

• “The City is full of Rebel officers and soldiers who have been paroled, and gray uniforms are more numerous than blue ones.”

• “What a carnival you had at Elizabethtown when you heard of the news of Lee's surrender. Be sure there were no such demonstrations made by the citizens of this city. One hundred guns were fired in the Capital Square the morning after we got the news, and a day or two after, two hundred guns by order of Secretary of War Stanton. The last salute terrified the citizens by whom it was believed that Johnston's army had surrendered.”

• “General Ord returned on the 11th and relieved Gen. Weitzel, who takes his old command of the 25th Corps. General Read, our Assistant Adj. General was killed during an attempt to destroy a bridge somewhere near Burkesville. Colonel Smith is back again at the head of the office.”

• “I send by this mail, a lot of Confederate bonds. There are thousands of them in this building and great quantities of envelopes and paper. This is some of it that I am writing on. I could send a great many relics but I hardly know what to send.”

• “I think Grant's terms were the right ones and that a conciliatory policy is the best henceforth.”

Obviously this captured stationery letter, along with the bonds, would make a great display. A nice example of the spoils of war. The Jackson bond is especially popular. They sell for $150+. You get all 3 bonds and the letter for the reasonable price of $395.

#L687 - Price $395