Libby Prison Letter & Cover – William E. Endicott, 10th Mass. Light Artillery – Captured at Reams’ Station, Va. 8/25/64
This letter and cover are written in pencil. Good writing and excellent appearance. The letter is dated August 28th, 1864… just three days after he was captured, so this is his first letter home to his mother. The cover has an “Old Point Comfort, Va.”, Sep. 3 postmark and is addressed “Mrs. A. M. Endicott, Canton, Mass.” It is fortunate that we have the cover as the letter is just signed “William”.

Here is the transcription:

Libby Prison, Aug. 28, 64

Dear Mother,

                 Frank & I and 16 more were taken on the 25th. We are both unhurt. I do not know anything of John. Am in good spirits and am very well used. You can write if you put on a Confederate stamp beside our own. Do as you think best, but you must be brief.

Yr. Aff. Son,

William E. Endicott was a 20-year old school teacher from Canton, Mass. He enlisted in August of 1862. When William says, “Frank and I and 16 more were taken” according to the Civil War Database, the “Frank” was Francis M. Howes, also from Canton, Mass.

A great piece for display with a photo of Libby prison.

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