101st Ohio Infantry - Altoona Pass Battle Letter

Here is a little gem!  It is written on 3 x 5 inch ledger paper and 16 pages long, along with the original envelope.  This 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry battle letter has truly outstanding content!  Written by Charles Morfoot of Co. C.  Be sure to read the entire letter – its great!  Here are a few great lines…

·        “We are on the front line and on the skirmish line it has been more civil last night than usual there was not much shooting all night, we had to keep low in our ditches.  We had lots fun talking with the reb skirmish line at night.”

·        “…they have broke up Morgan’s Band and captured half his command and retaken most of his prisoners.”

·        “…we got one or 2 more Divisions and we tried to take the rebs works it was a terrible time for an hour or so we had to give it up and fall back to our own works the bullets came like hail.”

·        “…our regiment loss some, I think not more than 8 or 10, we were not on the front line.  Our loss is heavy altogether they have been carrying off wounded ever since it commenced and are still there are not less than one hundred men at that work.  I judge our loss altogether at one thousand.  It was attacked at 3 different places.”

·        “…it is hard for our wounded.  Many living in the hot sun a long time and many perhaps that we can’t get at for our men went right up to their works.  One color barer was bayoneted on the works and their color captured.  I think this is a lesson for our Generals not to charge on works of that kind some of them one I know was killed, General Harker.”

·        “One thing more our Lieut. got a bullet through his beard and hit his thumb and skinned it a little.  I was lying near him, one other of our Co. has a hole shot through his coat collar.”

It is written in pencil and all readable. 

#L71OH – Price $595